Lyngsoe Lr1255 Microflex Leggings Green

Lyngsoe Lr1255 Microflex Leggings Green By Specific Workwear

  • Leggings with belt straps
  • Certified to EN343, protection against foul weather
  • MICROFLEX ensures your personal comfort and your protection from snow, wind and rain
  • MICROFLEX is 100% waterproof coupled with a degree of air permeability, any build up of condensation inside the garment is quickly dissipated by the unique knitted backing of the fabric
  • MICROFLEX is virtually noiseless in action and its built in stretch factor enables the garment to move with every demand of the user
  • MICROFLEX is soft yet tough, its high-tech strength and performance ensure smooth action even in low temperatures
  • MICROFLEX is oil resistant and is impregnated with a powerful deodorant to fight off any body odour build up or fungi growth in the fabric
  • MICROFLEX makes super lightweight garments that fold away compact and take up minimum space
  • MICROFLEX retains its high-tech performance through repeated washings
  • One size

Material: 50% Polyamide, 25% Polyurethane, 25% PVC 320 g/m²
320 g/m²

Delivery: Up to 10 Days
(Subject to stock availability)

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